Patient Testimonials

"He has a ten-point plan to cancer proof you. It is amazing to sit and talk to him and hear what he has to say. It will change the way you look at your healthcare."

John D.

"Holistic, functional approach combined with extraordinary application of the latest research findings made previous medical care experiences obsolete. This individualized and caring approach is the best example of what medicine should be."

Nancy M.

"I struggled with several health problems, including endometriosis for several years. I was referred to Dr. McWhorter and visited him after my primary OBGYN told me that I was unlikely to ever have children. Dr. McWhorter spent 2 hours with me and changed my diet and lifestyle significantly. He ran several genetic tests and changed my supplements based on what was found. The good News...Within three months I was pregnant and my husband and I have the healthiest little boy. Thank you Dr. Mcwhorter and your staff for changing my life."

Amanda R.

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