Vampire Wing Lift ® in Montgomery, AL

Vampire Wing Lift

The Vampire Wing Lift™ helps restore a natural, youthful appearance to the labia majora, and improves comfort issues caused by loose skin, through the use of PRP and a hyaluronic filler (like Juvederm).

We have chosen not to display the before and after photos of this procedure on our website. However, for those who are interested in having the Vampire Wing Lift™ done at the same time as the O-Shot® we are able to email photos of the incredible results that can be achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has Dr. McWhorter been certified for this procedure?

Yes. Dr. McWhorter received certification after training with Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the Vampire Wing Lift™. Dr. McWhorter is also a member of the Cellular Medicine Association.

Why would a woman choose to have the Vampire Wing Lift ™?

If overall appearance causes self-confidence issues, or you have comfort issues due to loose skin, we can help resolve these through the Vampire Wing Lift® in a quick, safe, long-lasting procedure in our office.

Who can have the Vampire Wing Lift™?

Any adult with concerns about function and appearance is a candidate for this PRP application.

How long does the procedure take in your office?

The entire process takes a little over one hour in our office.

Will I need an escort the day of the procedure?

No. We do not use general anesthesia, only topical numbing creams. You will be alert and able to drive yourself after the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

We use an excellent numbing cream to significantly minimize pain. The majority of patients experience no pain at all. A few have reported a slight burning sensation for a short time. If you are more sensitive to pain, feel free to take Turmeric or Tylenol a couple of hours before the procedure. Arnica is popular as well, before and after the procedure.

What is the expected recovery time?

There is typically no recovery time, and you can resume normal sexual activities the same day. Occasionally patients may have a tiny bruise that may last a couple of weeks, or mild swelling that lasts a day or two, but these are uncommon. Some patients may experience mild soreness and a tight feeling of the skin. This usually subsides in one or two days.

What are the side effects of the Vampire Wing Lift™?

Rarely patients may experience an unusually heightened sense of sexual urgency almost immediately, and for several days after the procedure. Patients may also experience mild irritation, soreness and a tight feeling of the skin that usually subsides in one or two days.

When should I expect to see full results?

Patients should see complete results of the procedure within 3 months.

Note: In terms of urinary incontinence results may take up to a week to achieve the desired effect. However, we have patients who report an immediate improvement in the sensation of needing to urinate during intercourse.

How long do the effects typically last?

The effects of the Vampire Wing Lift™ are expected to last 9 to 18 months.

Will the procedure need to be repeated?

Yes. The procedure would need to be repeated after 9 to 18 months.

Is the procedure covered by insurance?

This procedure is not covered by insurance.

Does the cost of the procedure include the initial consult?

Your consultation will be scheduled the day of the Vampire Wing Lift™, and will be included in the cost. If, after discussion with Dr. McWhorter, you, or Dr. McWhorter, decide the procedure is not right for you, the full amount will be refunded.

Vampire Wing Lift ® in Montgomery, AL

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