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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer you the latest tools and treatment options to help with the toughest problems patients face. We emphasize preventive and natural measures to restore youthfulness and help maintain an active lifestyle.

Our Practice

Most people present to us with a problem or diagnosis that has just gone on way too long. They are tired of being labeled and just given medicines. They are tired of being labeled incontinent, heart patient or chronically depressed. They are tired of the solutions that have been offered. They may already have had treatments, like surgeries or medicines causing significant side effect. They learn of us from a friend who is urging them on or find us from googling their specific problem and they see something they pray can help them. As a team it gives us great satisfaction to present highly effective strategies that have dramatically helped those with similar problems or diagnoses. We love bringing technologies that patients could only dream existed. We try to get patients where they need to be in the quickest, safest, least expensive way.

Everything around us is advancing at an incredible pace. Cell phones are a pocket-sized links to the world. Cars are available with GPS that analyze traffic and suggest a faster route. Shouldn't your doctor have access to the latest medical technology?

At Alabama Functional Medicine we make great efforts to keep up with the medical science and technology available to us today. New tests offer information we never dreamed possible. We can test to see if you're likely to experience an early heart attack, and whether or not some of the prescription medicines you take are actually working.

Some of these more advanced tests may not yet be covered by insurance, but we help you make informed decisions to make the most of new technologies.

We are confident we can assist you in regaining your health, but we know the unexpected can happen. If Dr. McWhorter detects a condition requiring a visit to the hospital he will contact one of the area hospitalists to assist in the transition to hospital care. The hospitalist will serve as your primary care physician while in the hospital, but he or she will also keep Dr. McWhorter updated on your treatment and progress. This relationship will afford you the best care because in-patient care is the hospitalist's specialty. Dr. McWhorter welcomes your updates and calls while in the hospital.

Our Process

Prevention and treatment of health problems is serious at Alabama Functional Medicine, and we take it personally. We do more than just treat you when you're sick, we help you learn how to take control of your personal journey to optimal health. Dr. McWhorter is committed to working with each patient, using an innovative healthcare approach and the latest in medical technology, to achieve real results you can live with.

  • Advanced Labs - Identify risk factors at the earliest possible stage, see how interventions are working.
  • Cardiovascular - Identify risks and root causes of heart disease leading to assurance of no future heart concerns.
  • Supplements - Bridging the gap in modern day nutritional deficiencies.
  • IV Therapies - We offer IV Therapies to those in need when supplements cannot work due to digestive issues.
  • Detoxing - Learn what contributes to fatigue, brain issues, pelvic health issue and hormone problems.

Alabama Functional Medicine

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