Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Montgomery,AL

Stopping heart disease is relatively straight forward.

All you must do is stop the source of excessive inflammation that is harming the arteries. This is where Alabama Functional Medicine can help.

The source of inflammation is not always obvious. However, we can help when blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes are managed yet the heart disease is still present. This is the case in 50% of heart patients.

In order to source the inflammation, we use Cleveland Heart Labs which is an irreplaceable help in finding what remains wrong. Once that is figured out, we know what we must do to help get rid of that inflammation.

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Early Identification of Risk

The best noninvasive way to follow inflammation is to measure the inner lining of the carotid arteries. Incidentally, this is an early way to help patients identify risk well before patients have a heart attack or stroke.

Compared to a patient's peer group and sex we can help find those at higher risk and intervene before there is an event such as a stroke, heart attack and loss of muscle leading to congestive heart failure. This test is so important the American Heart Association recommends everyone over age 45 should have it. We frequently find it in people younger, so it can be considered even earlier. At the time of this writing we had an asymptomatic 38-year-old with a 70% blockage in his heart artery. The search began with an abnormal inner lining found on his screen.

Dental Disease and Heart Disease

A "swish and spit" test can then be done looking for the worst and most common risk factor - dental disease. Many cardiologists are now exposing research that squarely puts dental disease in the cross-hairs as being the most serious of all risk factors. In fact, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and elevated blood sugar can all be worsened by dental disease it turns out.

Modern technologies that some dentists possess have led to the sources of many inflammation of our patients. One such patient had five heart attacks before a dental friend and colleague pulled his bad tooth. In a few days his color was better per his wife, his energy was better and most importantly that was many years ago and he has not one issue with his heart. Clearly his inflammation was tied to his dental issues.

Bioactive Vitamins

We also can help people lower very serious risk factors using “smart” or bioactive vitamins to lower the homocysteine in arteries and more importantly in the cells. I had this sneaky risk factor called homocysteine, also known as "sandpaper of the arteries", and with the proper vitamin it is perfectly normal. I have been following mine for 15 years. The only time it got out of range was when I quit my supplements.

Bale and Doneen Practitioner

As a certified Bale and Doneen practitioner you can be sure that staying at the cutting edge of heart disease research is a high priority. Interestingly it is amazing how much inflammation ties in to other diseases such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, brain concerns, pelvic health problems and infertility. Helping the patient with their inflammation by identifying it, reversing it, and following it leads to big changes in how they function. Seeing plaque in arteries resolve is a great thrill for us. Learn More About Cardiovascular Disease.

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