Functional Joint Injections in Montgomery, AL

Ozone and PRP

For those who are limited in enjoying an active lifestyle due to painful joints, we want to make you aware of some safe and natural alternative options. These options can be exactly what you need to get back to activities you love and miss.

Beyond controlling inflammation (see autoimmune) we directly target the source of your pain where other options have failed or someone is avoiding surgery.

We offer Prolozone & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - "the blood shot".

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Joint Pain Injections

The technologies we offer are proven alternatives to chronic steroid use, “rooster comb” shots, narcotic pain killers, worrisome anti-inflammatory medications, and even the inherent risk of joint replacement surgery.

Our therapies come into play once pain is persistent and before the patient considers joint replacement, or it is determined replacement is not an option for the patient.

Many professional athletes are taking advantage of these alternative options and more and more patients are realizing the value of regenerative medicine.