Functional Joint Injections in Montgomery, AL

Ozone, PRP, Amnion Joint Injections, and Regenerative Cells

For those who are limited in enjoying an active lifestyle due to painful joints, we want to make you aware of some safe and natural alternative options. These options can be exactly what you need to get back to activities you love and miss.

Beyond controlling inflammation (see autoimmune) we directly target the source of your pain where other options have failed or someone is avoiding surgery. Ask about packages that can help you.

We offer Prolozone, Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP (the “blood shot”), Amnion (placenta-derived growth factors), and Biologic Allografts.

We can help educate to what stem cells really are and what is their role in regeneration.

Joint Pain Injections Montgomery

Joint Pain Injections

The technologies we offer are proven alternatives to chronic steroid use, “rooster comb” shots, narcotic pain killers, worrisome anti-inflammatory medications, and even the inherent risk of joint replacement surgery.

Our therapies come into play once pain is persistent and before the patient considers joint replacement, or it is determined replacement is not an option for the patient.

Many professional athletes are taking advantage of these alternative options and more and more patients are realizing the value of regenerative medicine.

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SurgiGRAFT Joint Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this procedure available to non-members?

Yes. Functional Joint Injections are available to non-members.

Will I need an escort the day of the procedure?

No. We do not use anesthesia, only use topical numbing creams. You will be alert and able to drive after the procedure.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP is made from your own blood that is spun and separated producing a rich concentration of platelets. These platelets are known to drive and assist the healing process — helping repair muscle, tendon, ligaments, and reducing scars. Recovery time is reduced in acute injury, while chronic pain can be dramatically reduced. PRP therapy is often used to delay, or even possibly avoid surgery. Please be aware the PRP we harvest from the patient is more active in younger patients.

What is Amnion?

Amnion is obtained from tissue normally discarded after C-sections. Consenting mothers allow the tissue to be carefully harvested and prepped for use in various helpful procedures. Amnion has excellent antimicrobial, anti-adhesion properties, and negligible immunogenic potential. This means infections, scarring, and inflammation are exceedingly rare. Thousands of studies vouch for the safety of using Amnion in joint injection treatments.

What are Stem Cells?

When functional joint limitations occur there is an option for living stem cells, which are derived from the same donated cord tissue that is used in creating Amnion, to be placed into a joint for tissue restoration. Upon learning of the successful experiences of professional athlete’s that have used these treatments for years, Dr. McWhorter began researching further into this treatment option for his patients. It is exciting to be able to help those in dire need of pain resolution when they have exhausted other options.

How much do these procedures cost?

Dependent on the patient’s particular needs, and the number of joints to be treated, the cost can range from $175.00 to $8,400.00.

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