Vampire BreastLift ® in Montgomery, AL

As women age they may notice changes in the breasts that cause some concern. They may notice the upper breast losing volume and elasticity, causing a droop that diminishes cleavage, or they may notice increased asymmetry, dimpling, or even diminished sensation. These changes may be due to simple aging, breastfeeding, or even issues with a previous breast enhancement surgery. All of these changes can be dramatically improved with a painless procedure, the Vampire Breast Lift®, using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Vampire Breast Lift Results

Vampire Breast Lift Results

While the Vampire Breast Lift® does not increase the cup size of your breast, this non-surgical procedure, using (PRP), patients see dramatic and pleasing results with fuller, firmer breasts, rounder cleavage and smoother skin. It often improves decreased nipple sensitivity as well.

This procedure has been extremely successful and satisfying for those who had become unhappy with this area. Patients are amazed at how PRP can restore a more healthy and natural look, while boosting confidence and sensation.

Decolletage Microneedling

In addition to the Vampire Breast Lift® we offer Décolletage Micro-needling to help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the chest and neck.

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Vampire Breast Lift Benefits

Conditions Treated with Vampire Bresast Lift

Some of the concerns we address:

  • Flat appearance at the top of the breast
  • Uneven cleavage
  • Wrinkles
  • Nipple sensitivity
  • Inverted nipples
  • Skin texture

* Pre- and Post-Procedure photos are always strongly encouraged for comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose a VampireBreast Lift® over a surgical cosmetic breast lift?

If you are simply looking for a more youthful, full, smooth look to your breasts, our non-surgical Vampire Breast Lift® may be for you. You may also benefit from this procedure if you have inverted nipples or decreased sensitivity. This procedure is not for those looking to increase or reduce the size of their breasts or lift breasts from their current position. If you decide you are looking to augment or change the structure of your breasts in ways the Vampire Breast Lift® does not accommodate, our staff will assist you in locating a highly recommended cosmetic surgeon.

Who can have a Vampire Breast Lift®?

Any adult, but the procedure is typically done in those 35 and older.

Who can perform the Vampire Breast Lift®?

Only members of the Vampire Breast Lift® Provider Group are licensed to perform this procedure. The certification process ensures training by the inventor and includes ideal PRP education, including techniques and technologies, as well as weekly collaboration with other members.

Dr. McWhorter is a member of the Cellular Medicine Association and received certification to perform the Vampire Breast Lift® after training with Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the Vampire Breast Lift®.

How long does the procedure take?

The in-office procedure takes approximately one hour, which includes taking health history, consultation, drawing blood and the actual procedure. Add-on procedures may extend the time by 30-45 minutes (ie: O-Shot® or Décolletage Micro-needling).

Is the procedure painful?

We use an excellent numbing cream to significantly minimize pain. The majority of patients experience no pain at all. A few have reported a slight burning sensation for a short time. If you are more sensitive to pain, feel free to take Tumeric or Tylenol a couple of hours before the procedure. Arnica is popular as well, before and after the procedure.

Will I need an escort the day of the procedure?

No. We do not use anesthesia. We only use topical numbing creams. You will be alert and able to drive after the procedure.

When should I expect to see full results?

Patients should begin seeing true results within 3 weeks, then see full results of the procedure at 3 months.

How does the Vampire Breast Lift® work?

The Vampire Breast Lift® works by encouraging the healing process to create new supplies of collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels for a firmer, more youthful appearance.

What should I expect on the day of my Vampire Breast Lift®?

On the day of the procedure Dr. McWhorter will discuss your concerns, and review your health history, to help you decide if you want to proceed.

Next, an examination will determine where injections will be made to enhance appearance. Small removable marks may be made at this time.

Numbing cream will be applied to ensure an almost pain-free experience.

While the cream takes effect, a few tablespoons of blood will be drawn from the patient’s arm and centrifuged to generate PRP for use.

An ultra-fine needle is used to inject the patient’s own growth factors into the breasts at the predetermined locations.

Checking for symmetry completes the procedure.

Any discomfort should disappear in 1 to 3 days, and you can return to your social life immediately.

How long does the Vampire Breast Lift® last?

We expect the effects of the Vampire Breast Lift® to last a year or more, though the time may be as short as 9 months. A healthy lifestyle of exercise, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding tobacco use, etc. is recommended. It is an interesting and surprising phenomenon that women who do PRP procedures often become very motivated to lead healthier lifestyles afterwards.

Will the procedure need to be repeated?

Yes. The procedure would need to be repeated after 9 to 18 months.

What are the side effects of the Vampire Breast Lift®?

Most patients only experience mild soreness and a tight feeling of the skin. This usually subsides in one or two days. Some patients may notice tiny bruises that will fade away in a few days.

What risks are involved?

The Vampire Breast Lift® has been performed thousands of times by qualified doctors. There have been no reports of serious complications. Using your own blood cells greatly reduces any risks of therapy.

If the patient has implants from a previous enhancement surgery great care is taken to keep needles pointed in a direction that will not affect the integrity of the implants.

Is the procedure covered by insurance?

This procedure is strictly cosmetic and is not covered by insurance.

Does the cost of the procedure include the initial consult?

Your consultation will be scheduled the day of the procedure, and will be included in the cost. If, after discussion with Dr. McWhorter, you, or Dr. McWhorter, decide the procedure is not right for you, the full amount will be refunded.

I want to have this procedure. What is the next step?

Call us at 334-819-8190 when you are ready to schedule a procedure. We will answer all your questions and concerns during the consultation prior to the procedure.

Vampire BreastLift ® in Montgomery, AL

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